About the Parliament for the Future

Since 2009, The Parliament for the Future gathers economic, political, scientific, cultural and social actors
who desire and work to make the world a better place.

To celebrate its 10 years anniversary, the Parliament will take place at the OECD in Paris on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of January 2020. Its theme is: “Humanizing Progress”

This event will be the opportunity for all participants to inspire, share and act for the greater good of humanity. Quickening the development of a sustainable progress, an economy for humanity, the planet and society, that is the aim of the Parliament for the Future.

The program


The Youth Parliament

Youth are waking us up and alerting us about the urgency to act and are addressing world leaders. Their voices need to be heard by decision makers in order to create new economic, political and societal models, and to offer them professional opportunities aligned with their core values.

Youth and students will be a major part of this edition of The Parliament for the Future as their contribution is essential for the transition towards a more responsible economy.

The Youth Parliament will give them an opportunity to meet with leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and NGO representatives and enable them to have mutual inspiration.

The event will feature and shine a light on positive impact initiatives created by young citizens. It will be co-organized with sustainable development student networks, including the REFEDD and the Wake-up Call for the Environment, a manifesto written by students.

The Nature Parliament

For its 2020 edition, the Parliament in association with the organisation NatureRights wishes to shine a light on Nature as a new legal entity. For many entrepreneurs and the community, actively involved in sustainable development, this issue is an emergency. The awareness of Nature’s rights is growing. The law and local governance must be reinforced in order to ensure the protection of Nature and to set boundaries for companies and state activity more efficiently.

It will be an assembly of lawyers, companies, NGOs, elected officials and many others. Their mission will be to exchange their points of views to submit some proposals that could be used by the economic and political world.

The Nature Parliament will include testimonials and pleas that will efficiently raise awareness and mobilize the economic world, citizens, politicians and lawyers. This Parliament will end with a manifesto.

The speakers

They work to create an inspiring model for a new society. They have confirmed their presence….

The partners

The Parliament for the Future was built thanks to the help from Generali.

The medias

The networks

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